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Watersol Maroc installs off-grid, grid tied and solar pumping systems in Morocco. Depending of the specific need of the client, we propose the systèm which is the most adapted and with the fastest return on investment. Furthermore, PV systems generate no pollution!

Biomass systems utilize agricultural, forest, urban and industrial residues and waste to produce heat and electricity. This system suites single family homes, large residential complexes, commercial and industrial buildings and local heating networks. Watersol Maroc works cloesly with Tatano for our biomass heating installations!

Watersol Maroc installs solar thermal systems to produce hot water, heat pools and heat spaces (i.e. living room) for individuals and industries. We have in depth knowledge of the following solar technology: flat plan collectors, vacuum collectors and micro CSP. We propose the best solar thermal technology according to the needs of the client. 



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FIRST Hammam in Morocco heated wth Biomass!

As of 2014, the system had already been placed in 5 hammams in 4 cities! A new biomass boiler, a new type of fuel: the olive pit!

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